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' URL that generated this code:
' http://txt2re.com/index-vb.php3?s=42%2043&2&-5&-8

Imports System.Text.RegularExpressions
Module Module1

  Sub Main
    Dim txt As String ="42 43"

    Dim re1 As String="(4)"	'Any Single Digit 1
    Dim re2 As String=".*?"	'Non-greedy match on filler
    Dim re3 As String="( )"	'White Space 1
    Dim re4 As String="(\d+)"	'Integer Number 1

    Dim r As Regex = new Regex(re1+re2+re3+re4,RegexOptions.IgnoreCase Or RegexOptions.Singleline)
    Dim m As Match = r.Match(txt)
    If (m.Success) Then
        Dim d1=m.Groups(1)
        Dim ws1=m.Groups(2)
        Dim int1=m.Groups(3)
    End If
  End Sub
End Module

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